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Business Litigation

enforce and defend b2b disputes

In the event that your company plans to do business with another company, or if you have a dispute with another company, legal help is available. 



Businesses contract, interact, market, and sell to other businesses on a daily basis. We can help you when another business fails to follow a contract; tries to usurp employees, intellectual property, trade secrets, processes, or clients; refuses to pay an invoice or supply goods or services; or refuses to otherwise deal with you fairly. 



Contracts can be verbal, written, or implied by the actions of the parties. Many people don’t realize that an official written contract is not always needed in order to enforce an agreement. Words, actions, conduct, and emails can all create binding legal contracts and defenses. Also, if you are successful in a breach of contract case in Texas you may be entitled to attorneys’ fees from the losing party. We can help you determine if a contract exists, if a breach has occurred, and any recovery that you might be entitled to under the law.



Demand letters are tools that can be used as a warning shot to another party that has acted inappropriately. Because the cost of litigation is expensive, a demand letter may be a good way to tell a breaching party that you are serious about enforcing your rights. When someone that owes you money or services refuses to communicate with you; or when a party is wrongfully using your technology, trademark, copyright material, patent, property, or trade secrets — a written demand letter can be an effective and affordable tool. The demand letter can be drafted in many forms, including DTPA letters (deceptive practice letters), cease and desist letters, informatory letters, and legal position statements. The letter usually gives the nonconforming party a chance to fix the bad behavior before a lawsuit is filed. We can help you determine if a demand letter is right for you and your situation. 



Non-compete and non-disclosure agreements are enforceable in Texas when the agreements are drafted correctly. Temporary Injunctions and other remedies are available to companies that want to fight to stop an employee from violating a correctly drafted agreement. Quick action is usually required and we can help you with the process. 



Consumer debt collection laws are strict and must be followed. The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practice Act provides a laundry list of violations and strict statutory penalties. Texas also has its own debt collection laws that must be followed. Business to business and business to consumer debt collection is essential to the bottom line. Being able to effectively collect the amounts owed through the use of demand letters, law suits, garnishments, bankruptcy (proof of claim/motion for relief), and other legal tools are an important part of every business. We can help you put together an effective and cost-aware approach to collecting debt from consumers and businesses. 


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