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Personal Injury

helping people injured by others

When you are injured due to another person's actions or negligence, you have legal options. 



Accidents occur and insurance companies take all possible steps to avoid paying claims. If you have been in a car wreck, automobile wreck, or motorcycle wreck then call US as soon as possible. Most cases can be handled on a contingency basis in which you will only pay if money can be collected. 



Property owners have a responsibility to maintain their property free from hazards. Hazards can come in all shapes and sizes and a property owner has a different duty/responsibility to an injured person on the property based on the  person’s legal “status.” A legal distinction is made and the case may turn on whether you were a guest, a customer, or a trespasser. Contact us now for a free case evaluation and to determine your rights against an owner of property.



A wrongful death claim is a personal injury lawsuit filed when someone else is responsible for the death of another person. The estate, parents, children, and spouses may all have claims against the responsible party. Tragedy can paralyze a family and we can help weed through the important legal issues surrounding the death of a loved one. 


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